Another Year Around the Sun – My goals for the next year

Well, I made it another year around the sun. Like any other year, I spend the day with my beautiful wife and amazing son. Getting older is hard for me. I am extremely blessed and grateful for everything that I have in my life. But, for some reason I look at what I need to improve on instead of my accomplishments. I am always pushing my self harder and to be better. Even though this past year, was a good year and I did some really good things. As I look ahead to this next year, I decided to set some goals for myself and things I would like to accomplish this next year.

Another Year Around the Sun Goals

Blog More

I have gotten away from blogging and it is honestly something that I miss. For me, blogging is something that I enjoy and way to share my thoughts about topics that relate to my career and personnel interests. I am hoping to blog once a week. If I can do it three times a week that would be fantastic, twice a week would even be good, but if it ends up being once a month because of life happening, I will be okay with that. We will see where this takes us.


Exercise is key to not only being physically healthy but also mentally healthy. Five years ago, I set out on a mission to run a half marathon. I accomplished that goal and was very proud of myself. Since then I have only run 5ks occasionally but have not kept up running regularly. I am hoping to get back into running to get physically and mentally healthy.

Live in the Moment

Too many times I find myself thinking of the future or agonizing over something that happened in the past. What that is doing is taking me away from the precious time that I do have with my family and friends. We only have 18 years with our kids, any moment that takes me away from them when I am not at work, is lost time with my family. Plus, any moment I am not living in the moment, is time in this short live I will never get back as I am robbing myself of that time. So, this year of my life, I am going to try and live in the moment more.

Work on Volunteer / Passion Projects

The past year I got more involved in a volunteer project, one were I can utilize my marketing / website creation skill set and knowledge. It has been a joy for me to be involved in something where I can work on my skills and also help the organization. I was part of another volunteer program and it became petty so I distanced myself. I am learning to say no to things that do not reflect my interests, desires or priorities. This year I am going to continue to work on the volunteer project helping an organization with their website. I also coached my sons baseball team, which I really enjoyed since I have such a passion for sports, so I will continue helping out there as well.

Financially Plan for the Future

As I get older, I want to make sure that my family is taken care and I am prepared for retirement and the future ahead. Easily said then down but there are things that I can do to make sure that I have my financial plan in order.

Let go of the past

As I move forward into another year, I need to let go of the past and relationships that no longer fit my priorities. Things change, people change. Sometimes our priorities are no longer the same as others and that is okay. I need to do a better job this year of understanding that and moving on from situations that no longer affect me in a positive way.

This may seem like a lot or seem like general goals. I feel like if I can do these things this year, I think next year at this time I will look back on what a great year it was and how much I have personally grown.

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