What is live streaming and how to do it successfully

Video is king. Not just recorded and branded video that you are putting out there but live streaming is very popular. Right now, not only are brands live streaming events to their customers and potential customers but every day and people are branding themselves by live streaming events and happenings in their own community. Live streaming is changing the way that marketers are interacting with their customers. It is no longer a novelty to have live streaming included in your marketing strategy, whether you are building your personal brand as a streamer or a marketer, live streaming is a great way to engage with your audience and be authentic.

Every year the amount of video content that is consumed has increased. We are witnessing not just brands live streaming on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube or other social media platforms, but also our friends and media outlets. With live streaming, we are see more and more people be their own news outlet. Well, news outlet is probably not the right term, but people in our own communities are becoming popular live streamers by showcases what is happening in their community.

Live streaming provides brands and streamers the opportunity to see the character of the brand or streamer. Consumers nowadays want to know about the brand and really trust them before making a purchase. They want to know if the brand fits their believes and expectations.

Live streaming is not just a phase and I believe that it is here to stay for three reasons:

  • Massive Audience reach – you can reach people you have yet to even come in contact with yet. The audience can easily grow during the stream.
  • Smartphones – Every one today has a smartphone and that is really all that you need. Open and app like Facebook on your phone and start a live video.
  • Accessibility – Not only is it easy to start a live video, but consumers and people in your community can easily find you when you are live.

So, what are the benefits to live streaming?

  • Build Trust – you have the ability to build trust with your viewer by interacting with them instantly.
  • Build Relationships – Not only are you able to build trust you can build relationships with your audience. Whether you are marketer or a community streamer, you can create a dedicated audience that keeps returning to your live feeds and are your supporters.

Tips for live streaming

  • Have Fun – if you are having fun your audience will have fun. You do not want it to be too stuffy.
  • Don’t over plan – going live is an in the moment event. You need to be authentic otherwise your viewers will see right through you. It is good to have a plan but be prepared to change course as the stream continues.
  • Be Flexible – be willing to throw your plan out of the window if it is not working. Let your audience guide you, this will happen organically.
  • Let the stream do the talking – it is important to set the scene and engage with your videos but depending on what you are streaming, sometimes it is good to let the video do the talking.

If you are thinking about getting started and doing some live streams, take the risk. Do not overthink it. There are plenty of ideas that you can do to get started.

  • Events
  • Behind the scenes
  • Teach your audience
  • Announcements
  • Tours of your community, attraction, festival, etc

Live streaming is in the moment. It is growing a rapid pace and virtually anyone can live stream today with their cell phone. There are millions of people consuming live streaming content every day. It is not just the video gamers streaming anymore, or the younger generation. More adults between 35 and 54 are consuming and creating their own live streams. Going live is all about the real-time connections. Once you gain the trust of your audience,  you will have supports for life. Be authentic. Be helpful. Engage with your viewers and have fun.

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