Why Email Marketing is Crucial to your Marketing Strategy

email_marketingIt’s that time of year. When marketers send out e-newsletters in droves, announcing Black Friday deals, store hours, when Santa will be at their location, flights to get home for the holidays, etc. My inbox gets filled up more this time of year, than any other time. The holiday season is upon us.

E-mail marketing should be one of the pillars of your content marketing strategy. Social Media is great to mention your Black Friday deals, holiday items, etc, but as a marketer I like to think of Facebook and Twitter, etc, as rented platforms. Everybody’s favorite past time is complaining about the changes that Facebook makes to it’s platform, how brands are not getting the organic reach as they have in the past, etc. Technology changes fast and there are new social media platforms coming out just as fast; that consumers are flocking too. Everyone is always trying to be on the next great thing. These platforms can go away at any moment and everything you have built will be gone. Don’t get me wrong, social media is an extremely important component to your marketing strategy.  Read more