How to use Content Marketing for your Product Launch

Getting ready to launch a new product but worried that the launch may flop? It is a fear that is normal and something that we all have when we are starting something new. As a marketer you have complete control over how you will promote your product launch. How successful your launch is can be determined by your use of content marketing and the strategies you use.

Content marketing is more important today than ever as many consumers find ads annoying during their internet experience or irrelevant to their search. Plus, many consumers even have ad blockers set-up on their desktops and mobile devices. Content marketing allows you to engage with your consumers and create content that is meets their needs and interests. You can even personalize your content to your audience while launching your product.

3 ideas to use Content Marketing during your Product Launch

1. Build Hype through UGC (User Generated Content)

Your plate is already full with everything that you have to do to launch your product, get help from your fans to get things rolling. This will not only build engagement and excite it will get them involved in promoting your product and brand. You want to engage with your audience and encourage them to create their own content with your hashtags. Now, some of your die-hard fans will do this automatically, to get more of your fans to participate you may want to offer some sort of incentive for them to participate. One incentive could be that they are entered to win the new product. User Generated Content (UGC) will help you spread the word not only about your brand but about your upcoming product. This is a great way to include your consumers in your marketing and product launch.


2. Influencer Content

No, I am not talking about spending your budget on having a celebrity endorse your product. I am talking about influencers who are regular people that are seen as experts in their corresponding niches. These types of influencers have a good following and they provide their audience with honest opinions about products and services that they have used. I suggest working with a trusted influencer in the niche of the product that you are launching, they will have the trust with your target demographic and will honest feedback that isn’t coming from the brand.

3. Video Content

Give your product a life like feel with a captivating video. Text and images can explain how your product works but your audience may get bored or lost with the content depend on the length of it. Video is a great way to engage and educate your audience. The video should not only appeal to your audience’s emotions by telling a visually engaging and heart-warming story. In addition to that, you can demonstrate how the product works, and the benefits to the consumer of using your product. You can then utilize this video in a variety of ways, on your website, in a blog post, on social media, YouTube, and on your product listing page.

Next time you go to launch your product, be sure to include these content marketing strategies to help successfully launch the product.

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