4 Reasons why your business should use video marketing

It’s no secret that video has become a staple in our everyday lives. Video marketing provides business both small and large with an attractive and shareable medium to connect with their audiences. YouTube is filled with content creators that promoting not only themselves but also brands. My son watches numerous videos on YouTube, from guys playing wiffleball leagues to kids building major league baseball stadiums made out of legos. Video is being consumed on all platforms, by all demographics.

Video is one of those must tools to have in your video marketing strategy. Plus, it nowadays it can be easy to create a short shareable piece of video content. Your marketing person can do it right on their cell phone. You strategy can also include Facebook live videos. Video is progressing rapidly and will continue to rise due to the ever changing digital landscape.

Here are 4 reasons why your business should utilize Video Marketing

1. Video and Mobile go hand in hand

I recently heard a stat that over 80% of consumers watch videos on their mobile devices. You notice this all over. People commuting on the train, at the beach, etc. More and more people are consuming video content on their mobile devices. They are not just watching YouTube videos either, they are watching shows on Netflix, Hulu, etc. Google also reports that smartphone users are nearly twice as likely than TV viewers to feel a sense of personal connection to brands. This is due to the fact that they are viewing video content and ads on their smart devices.

2. Google loves video content

Speaking of Google, they absolutely love video content. When you have a videos embedded throughout your site, you will witness visitors spending more time on your site viewing the video content. This will signal to Google and the search engines that your site has good content as consumers are spending a longer time on that page consuming the video content. Because you have a video on your page and people are staying longer, engaging with the content, your page will show up higher in the Google search results. Remember, Google owns YouTube so there has been a increase in how video affects your search rank.

3. Increased ROI

Video provides good return on investment. Yes, video production may not be the cheapest but creating exceptional video content will have a greater ROI. Plus, you can create good video content right on your smartphone devices. Your videos don’t have to be perfect, they just have to be engaging and deliver quality content. It’s the content that matters to the consumer. Make your videos full of content that your consumers are looking for when they are viewing your videos. Also, don’t be afraid to be entertaining in your videos.

4. Videos can boost sales

In my blog post about content marketing and product launch, I mention adding a video to the product landing page. By creating video for a certain product and adding that to your product listing page can increase conversions on that product. Videos can have a direct reflect on sales of a product or service. Think about it, consumers who view explainer videos are more likely to buy said product. They have shown an interest in the product and taken the time to watch the video to learn more and how it would benefit them. Video is not only an important tool in your marketing strategy but also in the sales funnel.

The rise of video is not surprising at all. Most people are visual type of people, so demonstrating a product or putting something visually appealing in front of them, will more than likely lead to an increase in sales. Plus, these consumers will keep coming back to your site to view other videos that you have created. They will essentially turn into brand ambassadors for your and share you videos on social media. If your video touches on people emotions the video will spread rather quickly. Take the leap and create a video for your brand.

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