Police Department Lip Sync Challenge Sweeps the Nation

If you have been on Facebook recently you probably have seen videos of Police Departments across the nation doing a lip sync video. The Police Department Lip Sync Challenge is meant to make the police departments seem more human and connect with their community. What better way to accomplish that than through music right?

This lip sync challenge seemed to have started in Texas and is very similar to the ice bucket challenge that swept that nation a few years ago. These videos appear to be fun and have generated a ton of views for each department. Utilizing music in your marketing is a great way to connect with your current audience and could even bring in a new audience. More on music videos and marketing a little later.

Here are some of the best Polic Department Lip Sync Challenge videos.

Bruno Mars hit song, ‘Uptown Funk’ seems to be a pretty popular hit with many Police Departments. But the one that I think knocked it out of the part was the Norfolk Police Department. At last check, their video had over 28 million views on Facebook. Also, apparently this did it in one take.

The Arlington Texas Police Department kicked their video off at a doughnut shop. Kind of humorous if you think about it. They then went into their own rendition of Spice Girls’ Wannabe.

The Oklahoma City Police Department tackled Justin Timberlake’s, Can’t Stop the Feeling. Who doesn’t like a Justin Timberlake song?

I have to give a shout to my home state of Wisconsin, as this is the only one I have seen come out of the state so far. Plus, it is close to where I grew up. The New Holstein Police Department’s video shows two officers singing Blue Swede’s Hooked on a feeling, passionately, with a criminal in the back of the squad car. Their video can be viewed here. There are plenty more out there but these were the ones I selected.

As you may be aware or may not be, when I worked at the Lake County, IL Convention and Visitors Bureau, I created a Lip Dup video to the song, ‘Best Day of my Life’ by American Authors. Then the next year I created a whole song search contest and created a video to showcase the destination to Dylan Kroll’s song, ‘Lake County, the Bounty of Illinois’. Learn more about that here.

Music can touch and move people. Music is a universal language and allows your brand to approach your consumers in a more engaging way that is less commercial. If you are looking to target a younger audience there is no better place than music videos to do that. Just take a look around YouTube, it’s what all the cool kids are doing right now. As marketers we cannot underestimate the power of music and pop culture in today’s world.

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