4 Reasons why your business should use video marketing

4 Reasons why your business should use video marketing

It’s no secret that video has become a staple in our everyday lives. Video marketing provides business both small and large with an attractive and shareable medium to connect with their audiences. YouTube is filled with content creators that promoting not only themselves but also brands. My son watches numerous videos on YouTube, from guys playing wiffleball leagues to kids building major league baseball stadiums made out of legos. Video is being consumed on all platforms, by all demographics.

Video is one of those must tools to have in your video marketing strategy. Plus, it nowadays it can be easy to create a short shareable piece of video content. Your marketing person can do it right on their cell phone. You strategy can also include Facebook live videos. Video is progressing rapidly and will continue to rise due to the ever changing digital landscape.

Here are 4 reasons why your business should utilize Video Marketing

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Key Strategies to Increase Your Destinations Music Tourism

Music TourismWhen I started in the tourism industry 10 years ago, at the first conference that I attended, I heard Bill Geist talk about music tourism. Throughout my years in the industry, I heard him talk about this topic numerous times. Music is a powerful means of connecting people. It bridges linguistic and cultural divides, and is a vehicle for identity and expression like no other. As a tourism marketer this seemed to resonate with me. I started to think about my own experiences with music and how it affected me when I work conferences. It really came to light when I attended a conference in Indianapolis and at night a lot of the attendees where at a dauling piano bar with a ton a locals on Thursday night, and the place was packed. It is widely known that music and travel go hand in hand with each other.

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Video Marketing

Creating videos has always been an interest of mine, ever since I was a little kid I thought I would end up as a TV broadcaster. I have been extremely fortunate to be able to incorporate my interest in video into my marketing career.

Music is a lifeblood. These first 2 videos were music videos I masterminded during my 9 years at Visit Lake County. The first one of the final video to the Lake County Song search that I created and generated 75K views on social media the first week of the videos launch. The video is set to the tune of the contest’s winning song, sung by Dylan Kroll. The second one is the first music video that I orchestrated was set to the tune of the American Authors hit single, Best Day of My Life, that we had Lake County artist Justin Yates sing.

Lake County Song Search final video. You can read all about it here.
Visit Lake County - 'Best Day of My Life' Music Video

I was able to put my broadcasting knowledge and reporter dreams to use during my 9 years at Visit Lake County, as the mastermind behind their video strategy and host of the Enjoying the Ride Around Lake County webisode series.

A Behind the Scenes look at the Visit Lake County Song Search

You are only as good as your last month, or in this case your last year. A year ago, I was thinking of was to generate and create more awareness before our summer season and I got it stuck in my head that I could pull off a lip dup. At the time, it was probably my favorite this to work on. We created a music video tailored to Lake County, Illinois to the song, Best Day of My life by American Authors – https://youtu.be/iphhBSYiE44

Visit Lake County Song Search
Dylan Kroll and friends around a bonfire filming a scene for the music video.

Flash forward a year, well I definitely out did myself and launched a “music video that has gone viral with 74,000 views on Facebook and YouTube”, according to Bill Geist. Well, it was not as easy as that. It started out like any other passing water cooler talk in the office, “What are you going to do now to top Best Day?” I did not know at the time and wasn’t sure how to take that concept to the next step. I attended eTourism Summit last October and decided to sit in a music video session.  Speakers from other destination spoke about what they did and how they used music to sell their destination. I took notes and wrote down some ideas that came to me. When I returned to the office, I told my boss I came up with idea to top ‘Best Day’, that included a way to generate website views during out off-season and increase the music section on our website. The idea sat with my until January, I then talked to my boss again, and this time I had the while idea flushed out. Granted there were some obstacles and hurdles along the way, otherwise, I thought it was a great idea.  Read more