Why website content is important

Why website content is important

Lately, I’ve been working on a side project, where I am adding website content to an organizations site. Yet, it still amazes me how many websites are lacking great content or even basic content. Good content is what separates you website apart from your competitors and the many sites out there, and delivers the right message to your customers. Your website is your front door online. Granted, consumers are going to social media and checking your organization out, but then they are going to your website for further information. Ultimately, the content on your website is going to drive sales to your business. The content on your website needs to target your audience in a clear and concise way, and engage them to take action. They key to a successful website is having key-rich content throughout the site that tells your story and generates engagement and revenue for your business / organization.

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5 Reasons Content Marketing is Important for your Business

5 Reasons Content Marketing is Important for your Business

Content remains king. Like most businesses, your business are probably struggling with time to keep your blog and website content updated, what to post on your blog, and with how to speak to today’s consumers. Content marketing is not a new concept. Content marketing and storytelling are more than advertising, they are about showing your current and potential consumers who you are. It’s about creating content that provides value to your audience that is consuming it.

Today’s consumer receives their media differently than they did a few year ago. Plus, Social Media and Digital communication have transformed how businesses communicate with buyers. Rather than just putting together a brochure to hand out, marketers need to take that brochure a step further and put that brochure digitally in content form on their website. This was previously done by direct mail pieces and advertorial content in magazines. Today it is more important than ever for small businesses to have a content marketing strategy.

Here are 5 reasons your small businesses needs to do content marketing.

1. Boost Organic Search Visibility

Today, marketers are creating more content than they ever have before. Creating a ton of content is good, but what is even better is creating quality content that resonates with your consumers. This is an area that small businesses can level the playing field with their competitors and really stand out from the crowd. By creating content regularly, I don’t mean writing a blog post once a month, I mean posting content on your blog a couple times a week. By creating regular content you can boost your organic search visibility, and propel you to the top of the search results. With a content strategy focus on answering consumer questions and being helpful by providing them with the information that they are seeking, you will be become the authority on the topic and be a source of reference for them. Turning the consumer from a 1 time buyer to a brand supporter for life.

2. Increase Web Traffic

One of the main goals of every business, besides increasing sales, is to increase website traffic. One way to do this is by through content marketing. Creating regular content on your website is a must. The more content that you are able to produce, the more information you will be able to share on your social channels, the more links there will be to your business in the organic search results, and the more opportunities that potential consumers have to find you. Google has a tendency to prioritize new content and give presence to businesses / organizations that add fresh content regularly. Plus, businesses that have an active blog, have more indexed pages on the search engines that ones that do not. If you are not adding updated content regularly, you would be missing out on a ton of organic search traffic.

3. Build Consumer Loyalty

Once a consumer makes a purchase, you don’t want them to disappear and not come back. One way to keep them coming back is by providing great content. They have already bought a product from you so they do not need the hard sell, they want to learn about new products and offerings and to learn something about you that they may not have known before. Be helpful in your content and the consumer will keep coming back. This is the perfect opportunity for you to build a relationship with the consumer. Understand their wants and needs and solve their problem through your story. Consumers want to do business with a brand that they trust.

4. Content Builds your Brand

Everything that you do online is about building your brand. Content is every where today. Your billboard, radio or TV commercial may entice a consumer to come to your website, but your content will keep them on your site longer and keep them coming back for more. To do that, you need to create great content. Content can be anything from a blog post, Twitter post, Facebook or Instagram update, or a YouTube Video, you just have to have it all working together. Creating content is today’s version of word of mouth advertising is a great way for you to introduce your business to new audiences and retain your past consumers. This will also help to get consumers talking and sharing about your business to their networks, which is a huge win.

5. Creates Longer Customer Retention

It is a lot easier to sell to an existing customer than it is to new customer. Once a person buys from you they are more likely to possibly like you on Facebook, follow you on Twitter or sign up for your newsletter. This allows you to keep those customers updated with new product offerings and services, tips and insights, and build a relationship with them, providing numerous upselling opportunities for you. Content allows you to talk with the customer long after they have purchased from you.

Content can be a very powerful tool in your marketing strategy. How are you using content in your marketing plan?

One Way To Develop Content Throughout Your Website

Content MarketingIt is easy to get caught up in content marketing. Rightfully so, content marketing is popular for good reason and I am a proponent for content marketing. In my last blog post I talked about the differences between SEO and SEM. Now, I am going to be talking about how convention and visitors bureau’s can develop content throughout their website to improve their SEO. One thing that I also notice on CVB websites is when you click on the dinning section or the hotel section of their site, there are a few sentences and then listings of all the the restaurants or accommodations in their destination. In this blog post, I am going to discuss how you can enhance those listing pages into dynamic content pages that helps your SEO and overall marketing.

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The Difference Between Content and Content Marketing

Content and Content MarketingWith every business from private to public to non-profit, including tourism organizations, producing more content today than they did last year, it is important for marketers to understand the difference between content and content marketing. Everyone is creating content. But with content marketing, you’re attracting an audience to a brand-owned destination versus interrupting an audience on another platform. Many businesses are creating content that supports the brand or products they sell, not because it meets the customers need. The problem with most of this content is that it isn’t created for the audience you are trying to reach, engage and convert. Stop creating content that sells. Stop creating campaigns that have a short shelf life. Start creating content that is helpful and lasts more than your traditional campaigns. Create evergreen content that can be used over time.

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Why Creating A Video To Go Viral Shouldn’t Be The Goal

VLC Music VideoViral Videos. They happen all the time but one simply does not go viral. Believe it or not, I hear, ‘we have a video coming out tomorrow, can you share it because we want it to go viral’. I do not laugh or shake my head, it is the new normal and they just may be taking orders from the higher ups. How can you blame them for wanting eyes on their video? Everyone wants that when they publish a it to Facebook or YouTube.

I believe that many videos that go viral, do so because of timing, current events and luck. With that said, the goal should never be to go viral. Too many marketers and brands go for the Hail Mary, rather than utilizing Google Analytics and social insights to drive more engagement. Usually, the video that is launched is not backed with the appropriate content strategy or fits within the current strategy. Brands, marketers and upper management are obsessed with the big view video that ultimately has a short lifespan.  Read more

How your Content Strategy Can Help your Social Media and Traditional Marketing.

Creative-Content-Marketing-MechanicsI was recently asked if I would be a conversation starter for the Social Media Roundtable discussion at the PR Council of Lake County meeting this upcoming Thursday. I use to be the chair of this amazing group of people, so it is always a privilege to share my knowledge with the group and learn what they are working on and how we can help each other. Anytime I start a topic on Social Media, marketing, blogging, etc, I always start by asking, who in attendance has a Content Strategy.

When I ask this question, I get a good feel for the attendees knowledge and expertise level, but I usually receive a 50/50 response to sometimes 3/4 of the audience saying they have one. Which is good but is it working with their social strategy is the next thing that is on my mind. Read more